In the depth of the Valley of the river Perithori is built in the village of Myths. Is 22 km. from ierapetra, is a small village in lush countryside, with nice square the shady plane trees. It is said that the village took its name from the plant “Mynthi” commonly Pennyroyal that abounds there. But perhaps so named from the many legends, traditions, myths, with principal of Perithori. The mythical giant with forty cubits boy like other Talos or Digenis Akritas protected the inhabitants from raids. There is also the name of Perithori “patoysia” and “Sarantapihos the tomb”.

Ancient dwelling elements exist in the location “Leniko” where traces of walls. Also in excavation found a woman head of the Roman era. Kastellos sites haraki and Orfanou spiliari found the earthen pots, lamps etc. The part named Sarakina over myths was Fort, base of the Saracen pirates. The recent history of the village is rich on offer in the games against the conquerors

The community of Myths is today the local Department of the municipality of Ierapetra, apografetai 1900 with 360 Christian inhabitants in 1951 to 423 in 2001 with 287 inhabitants. North of Legends 6 km. about is the settlement Nut with the famous monastery of Panagia Karydianis and vacation homes that today is dilapidated. The Community belongs to the Legends upland settlement “Minos” located in a shelter, a small plateau, below the top Master of the Lasithi mountains.

The village of Mythi is a lively village with rich social and cultural life …. The village square with trees, are mulberries, the old fountain, the traditional cafes with raki and local dishes, is a reference point for the Mythianoys.

The sights, the wild landscapes North of the village, the famous Gorge of sarakina, monument of natural beauty, attract many locals and foreign visitors. The Gorge of sarakina is one of the most beautiful in Crete. The steep, vertical sides of awe-inspiring, reach a height of up to 250 m. The wider the aperture not exceeding 15 m while in some places it narrows so that they look the side of unity. The rich flora and fauna, dittany, wild birds that nest there, make the path through the Gorge sensational.


Village center of former Municipality Mournion along with the villages of Gdochia, Kato and Pano Simi, Myths, Myrtos, Root settlements Nut and Mino. Beautiful, historic, picturesque traditional village, with the old faucet, narrow streets that bisect the main street of the village. Probably took its name from the Mulberry tree although not abundant in the region.

The current settlement of Mournion maybe not betray its old glamour though all years of rebellions against the Turks was a great revolutionary and administrative center of Eastern Province of Viannos where fell until 1929.
In the local district of the municipality of Ierapetra Mournion belongs the abandoned settlement of today On Symi, North-West of the village at an altitude of 900 m, on the border with the Prefecture of Heraklion. The largest kome, summer seat of the municipality of Mournion numbered 527 inhabitants in 1583.
Fortified position, wonderful landscape. The old manor houses, quaint churches, coffee shops with friendly and hospitable inhabitants and guests, creating a picturesque, traditional Cretan environment in mournies Ierapetra.


Mountain village traditional and green, built centuries ago at steep slopes of the Dikti, with the mountain landscape is breathtaking, the forest of Selakanoy jewel, and two rivers to flow on the side of Christos is a place of AWE, peace and tranquility.

According to local legends in the eleventh century AD, the first inhabitants of Christ observed impressed a light shining in the evenings at a specific point of the mountain, and after searched, found among bushes a picture of Christ. Since then decided to colonize the area giving the current name. In the modern period of acne, the 50s Christ arrived in population around the 700 residents, but now, as in most villages in the area, residents progressively downloaded in the lowlands soils due to growing of early vegetables.

The picturesque alleys and cobbled streets inside the village that remain unaltered in time reveal the history of the village, while the chapel of Agia Paraskevi a bit out from the village with a beautiful square, abundant water and trees, but the tavern operates there year-round is one of the most beautiful places of the village.

The Church of the Transfiguration in the South of the village of 18th century founded in earlier Byzantine Chapel
The tour through the landscapes of Christ is breathtaking. The cliffs, canyons, the skistra, the huge rocks, karstic landscapes reflect the violent transformations of the geological formation of the Cretan landscape.
In local district Christ belongs and the Selakanoy plateau.

A fairytale beauty Valley with the largest contiguous pine forest of Crete. With the Church of Sint Eustatius and the Panagia Selakaniwtissa. With luxurious stone villas of residents who invest there and holiday all summer. Famous is the Selakanoy Gorge and the routes to the peaks, Master Sword and Lazarus of Dikti. The settlement of Christ, the surroundings, the plateau of Selakanoy present wonderful walking interesting for anyone who wants to escape from the urban life. Also beauty is the old pathway that connects the Selakano with Metaxochori.

The natural beauties, the Visual contrasts, the Cretan mountainous landscape deified in Christ Ierapetra.